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Agrico actively seeks to partner with hard working entrepreneurs in developing a thriving competitive business that supports producers in growing profitable crops.

Why Consider a Joint Venture with Agrico?

Agrico strives for win-win partnerships

We have found that 50/50 partnerships work the best because we both are equally invested, and we work toward consensus when big decisions are required. We know you are the best manager of your own business, and we stay away from anything day to day.

Agrico provides capital investment

We realize that there are times in the life of a business, sometimes at the beginning and sometimes at a critical time of growth opportunity, where capital is required and can create limitations.

Agrico offers succession options

By having Agrico as a partner, the business has succession options, whether future family members, senior staff or others. Succession strategies are critical for smooth transitions.

"Our decision to join the Agrico JV team has allowed Northumberland Grain to grow from one outlet to three. We have access to a network of people, all working towards the same goals. The Agrico staff care about people, products, technology and are progressive thinkers, advancing forward, providing us with resources, to succeed in our business."

Dexter & Karen Harder, Northumberland Grain Inc., Agrico Joint Venture Partner since 1996
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