Adding micronutrients to your fertility plan is a great way to get your customers the return on investment they're looking for.
Micronutrients often add to the health and vigour of your crop, giving it a leg up over the elements. Check below for our micronutrient partners.

Why Add MicroNutrients to your Fertility Plan?

Micros are an essential component of a balanced crop fertility program

Although micros are found in the soil and plants in much smaller concentrations than NPK, they play a vital role in crop development, disease/pest resistance and overall plant health.

Micros help push the yield envelope

Advancements in seed genetics are driving yields ever higher, but require more focused and advanced fertility planning to achieve maximum yield.

Micro fertilizers help satisfy the “hidden hungers” of a crop, allowing it to realize its potential.

Differentiate yourself from the pack

Fertility programs often focus on NPK, yet fall short on micronutrients. As a retailer providing recommendations to your customers, help them take their crops to the next level by building programs that not only include the appropriate amounts of micronutrients, but the right types of products for optimum availability.

Micronutrients can be incorporated into fertility programs in a variety of ways: Impregnation, bulk blending with other dry/liquid fertilizers, foliar applications and homogenized blends

Our Micronutrient Partners

In addition to these partner suppliers, we also offer select micronutrients from other manufacturers, give us a call to discuss your needs.

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