At Agrico, we are dedicated to supporting Canadian agri-retailers and growers with specialty products to increase yields as well as profits.
Specialty fertilizers are often a profitable addition to a nutrient plan. Check below for the options we offer.

Why choose Agrico products?

Quality is King

Agrico sources and delivers only the highest quality products and we employ a variety of methods at our terminals and distribution points to maintain quality for the end user:

  • Dust elimination
  • Product screening and conditioning
  • Minimizing the amount of handling
  • Proper storage and product transfer (loading/unloading)

Access to Global Markets

  • Agricultural is truly a global industry
  • No longer are you just competing with the farmer down the road, or the retailer across town.
  • We can effectively source superior, competitive products from practically anywhere in the world via our well-connected supply and distribution team and extensive network of terminals

Support and Service

  • Our #1 goal is a satisfied customer.
  • The process doesn’t stop after a sale.
  • Every Agrico employee, from sales to operations to administration, is here to help you; whether it’s discussing product specifications and performance, or assisting with storage, handling and application, we are available to answer any questions, and address any concerns so you can get the best results.
Looking for more information on our products?
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