Sulphate of Potash

Product Description

Analysis:  0-0-50-18S

Also known as SOP, or potassium sulphate, this product is produced with a variety of processes and source materials; however, most commonly, natural K-containing minerals (e.g. kainite and schoenite) are mined and rinsed with water and salt solutions to remove by-products, creating a concentrated form of K2SO4


  • Available in a variety of sizes (SGN)
  • Granular
  • Beige to light brown in colour


  • Provides a source of sulphur as well as potash
  • Excellent alternative to standard potash in crops/fields where chloride is a concern;
  • Certain unoiled forms of SOP are acceptable for use in certified organic operations. Consult the appropriate regulatory agency to verify before using SOP in organic systems
  • Lower salt index vs. potash


  • Softer granules can break down when handles/blended, creating dust and fines
  • Water solubility is one-third of standard potash

Application methods:

  • broadcast (surface applied)


Various external sources