Product Description

Analysis:  0-0-22-11Mg-22S

This branded product of Intrepid Potash is mined and processed from langbeinite deposits in Carlsbad, NM.  Langbeinite is a natural evaporate mineral containing potassium, magnesium sulphate and sulphate of potash magnesia precipitated in an ancient ocean.


  • Available in a variety of sizes (SGN) and grades
  • Granular or crystalline (similar appearance to potash)
  • Beige to reddish-brown in colour
  • High bulk density


  • pH neutral, so it does not impact soil acidity level
  • Commonly used on sensitive vegetable and fruit crops because it has a lower chloride content than traditional potash, thus less potential for fertilizer “burn”
  • Standard and granular grades dissolves gradually throughout the growing season, providing a season-long source of nutrients
  • provides a source of magnesium and sulphur in addition to potassium

Application methods:

  • Broadcast (surface-applied) or banded (adjacent to the seedbed)


Rail direct