Product Description

PurYield is a broad line of Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers (EEF) for field crops that consists of a substrate (e.g. urea, MAP, potash, SOP, etc.) with a proprietary next generation polymer coating developed by Pursell Agri-Tech. The headliner is PurYield Urea, which is detailed below.

Analysis:  45-0-0 (PurYield Urea I), 44.5-0-0 (PurYield Urea II and III)

A granular Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer (EEF) that consists of urea with an innovative, proprietary polymer coating.


  • The coating is typically pink.
  • Release rate is driven by soil temperature.
  • SGN is suited to field crops.


  • The polymer coating slows the natural processes of nitrogen conversion and volatilization, making nitrogen available to plants over a longer portion of the growing season, which improves uptake efficiency (greater synchronization with the needs of the growing crop) and reduces nutrient loss/waste.
  • Harmonious with 4R Nutrient Stewardship practices (rate source at the right rate, in the rate place at the right time).
  • Available in different release durations according to the coating thickness. Standard coating options are PurYield Urea I (50-60 days @ 22ºC/72ºF), PurYield Urea II (80-90 days @ 22º/72ºF) and PurYield Urea III (120-130 days @ 22ºC/72ºF).
  • Different coating thicknesses can be blended together with uncoated urea at desired ratios to further tailor the release curve to crop requirements, e.g. 1/3 urea, 1/3 PurYield Urea I, 1/3 PurYield Urea II.
  • The proprietary coating is thinner and more pliable than most other competing EEFs, and can effectively cover a wide range of shapes and sizes of prills/granules.
  • The coating is applied at lower temperatures than competing EEFs, allowing for the potential inclusion of biologicals and micronutrients during the production process.

Application methods:

  • Suitable for blending and all application methods utilized for standard urea.

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The newly commissioned CRF AgriTech plant in St. Thomas, ON and Pursell Agri-Tech supply points. Agrico is the exclusive wholesale supplier for CRF AgriTech.

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