Anhydrous Ammonia

Product Description

Analysis: 82-0-0

Also known as NH3, Anhydrous Ammonia is produced by combining hydrogen gas that has been isolated from a feedstock (typically natural gas, but also liquefied petroleum gas or petroleum naptha) with nitrogen gas.


  • Colourless gas with a distinctive odour that is compressed into a liquid in pressurized tanks for storage and application
  • Boils at -33°C


  • Has the highest N content of any fertilizer at 82%, in a form that is readily available for plants


  • Health hazard when inhaled or comes in contact with skin
  • Traditionally one of the most popular fertilizer products, usage has declined in recent times due to regulations and safety concerns

Application methods:

  • Injected into the soil via specialized applicators


Available from various external sources; no Agrico terminals