Diammonium Phosphate

Product Description

Analysis:  18-46-0

Commonly known as DAP, Diammonium Phosphate is manufactured by reacting 1 mole of phosphoric acid (produced from mined phosphate rock) with 2 moles of ammonia; the resulting slurry is solidified into a granular form.


  • Water soluble
  • Varying shades of brown


  • Provides a source of phosphorus in phosphate form, accompanied by a higher nitrogen content than MAP.
  • Nitrogen is in ammonium form, which is readily-available for plant uptake.
  • Higher solubility than MAP


  • Produces a higher localized pH in the soil than MAP, which can hinder seed germination and nutrient uptake under certain soil conditions.
  • Greater potential for nitrogen loss than MAP when surface-applied

Application methods:

  • broadcast (surface-applied) or banded (adjacent to the seedbed)
  • Used most commonly in blends with varying combinations of N, K and micronutrients


Available from various external sources, not stored at Agrico locations